It was a few years ago when I decided to invest my energy and resources in a joint project with
Mila Semeshkina, whom I considered a longtime friend and reliable partner. We shared common
ideas, aspirations and vision of how to achieve success in our business, the online training platform
In the beginning of our partnership, everything went smoothly. We were developing plans, making
investments and seemed to be moving forward. However, over time, I noticed strange changes in
her behavior and misunderstandings in our arrangements.
A game of secrecy and mystery began. Mila began avoiding honest conversations about the state
of the business and delaying important decisions. I decided to take a closer look at the financial
documents and found strange transactions and missing amounts of 800 thousand dollars.
It turned out that Semeshkina was secretly transferring funds from a joint account to her personal
account. She was also falsifying income and expense reports to hide her actions. I soon realized
that I was the victim of a clever game of deceit in which the goal was to enrich her at the expense
of my efforts and investments.
This experience left me with huge losses and a sense of frustration. I pay the creditors myself, I
sold my apartment.

Alex Reinhardt left me with our child together, even though he had previously expressed a desire
to procreate. Years of infertility passed, and when the miracle finally happened, our happiness
faded. Alex's thoughts suddenly changed - he would disappear, communicating with someone in
secret and refusing to discuss problems clearly, often flying off to Dubai. He claimed he was tired
of our life together, despite my efforts to adapt to parenthood. It is difficult for me to leave my
child as I have no support.
Now he expresses a desire for divorce and informs me that he has a new model girlfriend. He says
he will not help with the child and claims I am a cesspool rotter((((. This is very painful. How do
you deal with depression in this situation?



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